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Feedwise is your reliable partner in promoting mobile apps. We provide a wide range of services to deliver you high-quality traffic


User Acquisition

Feedwise effectively deals with user acquisition. We offer a vast pool of performance channels and also do mass media advertising



We can help you not only attract new users but also re-engage your existing ones! We work with various audiences, and our in-house development of audience segmentation allows us to create the most cost-effective combination of communications with your users



We make unique and creative concepts for you that will allow you to communicate effectively with your target audience

Maximizing Results with
High-Quality Traffic Sources


CPA Network

We leverage our proprietary CPA Network “Feedwise” smart platform, equipped with integrated fraud scoring and a smart traffic optimization system, to deliver optimal results. Join our CPI/CPA platform, which connects you with thousands of professional publishers worldwide, and take your app advertising to the next level



Our company has own development of DSP platform, that works with more than 5,000 sources. Our DSP & Programmatic method of traffic buying guarantee to our advertisers high-conversion and well-performed advertiser campaigns



With our in-app advertising services, you can tap into the power of affordable in-app traffic. Unlike other channels, in-app traffic is not prone to ad blocking, ensuring maximum visibility for your ads. Our targeted approach helps attract the right audience to your app, boosting engagement and driving conversions

Let’s do our win-win cooperation

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